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AT GLAN ARÍS we have an experienced and dedicated team servicing the fresh food industry in Ireland. We have the most advanced tray washing machine in the country, producing the cleanest label-free, shop-ready trays and we are the only tray wash facility in the country using sustainable energy.


In April 2011, we opened our new 40,000 sq ft tray washing facility. We installed our new fully automated tray washing machine, capable of washing mixed standard & deep trays simultaneously.

We are passionate about our customer and we are renowned for our exceptional customer service, maintaining excellent relations with all of our key stakeholders.

As  the only Irish fresh produce linked crate-washing company in the country we maximise efficiencies across our operation keeping transport costs to a minimum.

Our Services Include:

Returnable Equipment Washing

Our fully automated crate washing machine is state of the art and currently washes over ten million plastic crates per year. However, we have capacity to massively increase current output levels. We also offer a pallet washing service.

All crates and pallets are washed and dried to an extremely high standard, and in line with European food safety and quality standards for reusable containers carrying fresh produce

Equipment Handled

Our washing machine can handle multiple tray or crate types. We currently wash standard, shallow and deep fresh produce trays, bread crates, confectionery trays, strawberry troughs, meat trays and many more.

Contact us with any queries in relation to your crate or pallet cleaning needs. We are confident we will have a cost effective solution which benefits your supply chain.

Crate Pooling

At Glan Arís we can offer a complete crate pooling option. We currently rent and maintain our own pool, this saves time and money for our clients who don't have the initial capital expenditure required to purchase their own crate pool, or faclity and space to store such a pool.

Let us look after your returnable transit needs and take the hassle out of this part of your supply chain

Düsseldorf Pallets

We offer a D-pallet rental service to our customers and growers for the transport of goods into the multiples. Advantages of the D-pallet include durability, cleanliness, lightweight and ease of manual handling, shop-ready display and better aesthetics at store level.

We also offer a full pallet cleaning service here in our facility, meaning our pallets are supplied at the highest standard, guaranteeing our customer a quality product every time.

Equipment Repairs

We have a dedicated repair team for any parts or fittings that need replacing within our pool, for example: bale-arms, pallet skids, plastic pop-ups etc.


However, we also have the facility to repair third party RTP equipment and offer this service to our clients at very competitive rates.

Other Services

At Glan Arís we specialise in crate and pallet pool rental and expert cleaning services. However, we also specialise in handling bespoke complex projects.

Talk to us today in relation to your project. We would love to help out!

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