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Who We Are...

Glan Arís is a uniquely Irish, dynamic company delivering innovative supply chain solutions to a range of businesses within the food industry. We provide a full Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) service to our customers and their suppliers. We handle in excess of 10 million RTP trips per annum, across a wide range of equipment.

Our primary focus is to continually exceed our customer expectations in service levels, quality and value and our approach is collaborative and flexible, frequently tailoring the most efficient solutions for individual supply chains. We are very aware that our long-standing customer relationships have been key to our success.


All supply chains have their complexities and present their own challenges – we can assist you in offering our experience and skill-set to help you optimise RTP in your network and improve efficiency in your supply chain.

We specialise in plastic crate washing and pooling. Our assets also include a pool of plastic UDP's or Düsseldorf Pallets.

The Difference

Returnable Transit Packaging


Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) eliminates a great deal of cardboard and wood waste throughout the food industry and therefore contributes greatly to protecting our environment, improving food safety, and reducing your carbon footprint.

Simple and Cost Effective


We can help simplify the way your food products are handled. Our system is based on a cycle with your product being distributed in our returnable crates, instead of expensive non-reusable packaging. We can also provide you with a range of plastic pallets and dollies, ensuring ease of movement at a considerably lower cost than standard wooden pallets.

Maximise efficiencies


We provide you with a biologically clean crate for every use and 100% order fulfilment, on every order. Our system will help you maximise efficiencies throughout your business in shelf-ready packaging, handling, transport, displaying, shelf-life, waste and labour.

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